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 Option #

Free Main kit and Refill kit + 20% of Sales and Subscription

 Quick recap 

5-7 photos of the main kit with good lighting in different settings. 

3 photos of the refill kit with good lighting in different settings. 

7 videos: Unboxing video, selfie using the product, video of assembling the device/using gel, Before & After, positive review. 

Review the product on our website 

Post on your page and stories at least ones a month. 

• Reengage followers with the Subscription. 😎 More you subscribe, more 🤑 you’ll earn every month. 😎

Step #1

 Please send me the following info. 

Check your email. 

You will receive two letter from us. 

The first one is just a logging info. Ignore it. 

Look out for the second email tho with the following information: 

1. Tracking number (delivery might take up to 12 days.) 

2. Folder for uploading your work 

3. Referral link + Code

4. Agreement


Start using a referral link in your IG stories/posts WHILE using a kit. Educate your followers, Build the Tension in your personal community. Get them Excited! 🤩🤩🤩 

When shiny results come, people we'll be more confident to use a teeth whitening kit. More beautiful smiles in the world. 😛 Thank yourself for that! ☺️🤗 

That’s it for now. 

Your whiter teeth are on the way! 😁 

As soon as you receive the package from us come back to this page to complete farther steps.

Step #2

 Package is here! 

Yoo-hoo! 😍 The boxes are in your hands. 🤤 

Let’s create the BEST content! 😎 

Find perfect light in your place/hotel/airbnb. 

The daylight from the window is ideal. 

But it is up to you. Feel free to be creative! 

Found it? Great! 😉 Now, let’s shoot! 

 Tip 1  Photo and Video content are similar so it's easier to shoot both at the same time. 

 Tip 2  Use your presets and retouching if your heart desires. 

 Tip 3  Make photos and videos Vertical… it’s 2019 🤓 

 Tip 4  Make the logo visible at all times 

 Tip 5  Think like a winner! The Best content will be promoted from our page.

Photo&Video type #1


Find the best light in your place (you know how to do it 😉). 

In front of the window during the daytime is ideal. 

Take a close up picture&video of how your teeth look like now. 

Don’t be shy! We will fix that in 6 days ☺️ 

You might make a silly unhappy face.Let’s have a little fun! 

Before&After MUST be shot in the same settings, with the same light. 

Upload this content to folder “Photo&Video_01” (Link in email)

Photo&Video type #2

 What’s in the box + Product photos. 

Great light is the key, right?! 

Open both boxes and take a picture&video of what’s in it in an interesting way. 😎

Make sure the logo is visible. 

Take pictures&videos of a Main Kit and a Refill Kit separately. 

 Tip:  To create an interesting scene, you might put around bathroom essentials, makeup on the background, plants/flowers, bedding, etc.

Upload this content to folder “Photo&Video_02” (Link in email)

Photo&Video type #3

 In Use 

Take photo&video of assembling the device and applying the gel to the tray.Look at it as an educational material. 📖 Teach other people how to do it. 🤓

Move to a casual home scenario with good lighting. It can be a bathroom situation 🛀🏼, makeup, dressing up 💃🏼, checking the phone, folding your clothes, watching TV, etc. 

Push that button in the center to activate the light

Shoot while putting the device in your mouth or just using it.

Just make sure the lighting is good and  logo is visible at all times 

Get loose!You might dance a little, count minutes in your fingers, play guitar, or do anything fun that fits your personality. 

No need to montage the video  

Upload this content to folder “Photo&Video_03” (Link in email)

Photo&Video type #4


 Never be shy to smile again! Exciting, huh? ☺️ 

 Let’s show off the results we’ve got! 

 Note: This piece of the content is the most important. 

 Make them cool! 😎

In the box you will find instructions follow step by step.

Use SmileBright kit properly for 6 days .Please avoid drinking coffee ☕ and wine🍷. I know it’s hard 😅

On video you can remove the device (without gel) and smile openly. 

 Make a CLOSE UP shot  😁

Let other people see your white teeth in details. 

Before&After MUST be shot in the same settings, with the same light. 

Upload this content to folder “Photo&Video_04” (Link in email)

Video type #5

 Video review 

Be authentic! 

Tell other people what you think about our product

Help them to clear any potential doubts by answering following questions: 

1. Does SmileBrigth kit really work?Did it make a difference? If yes, how? 

2. Does it make your teeth sensitive?Did you feel any discomfort or pain after using SmileBright kit? 

3. Is the kit easy to use? 

4. How fast did you see results?I started seeing changes on the third day. What about you? 

5. What does SmileBright gel taste like? 

6. Would you recommend SmileBright to others?  

Regarding the Refill Kit: 

1. How often should I use a SmileBright Refill Kit? Ones a week or twice? 

2. Is subscription flexible? 

Step #3


M! Looks great! 😏 

If you haven’t already, upload your photos and videos, now is the time!Use the link in the email I sent you.

Open the folder and upload your content. 

Please use folders accordingly, so we can see what is what 🤔 

Step #4


This one is easy. 

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to the review section

3. Click to the review menu on the right. 

4. Click “Wright a review” 

5. Score 4 or 5 stars 

6. Make title short (2-4 words) 

7. Sincere review is encouraged. Please include the note about luck of teeth sensitivity after using the product, no irritations, fast results, ease of use. 

 8. Post it!

Step #5

Notify me  when you're done 

I can't wait to see what you've got! 🤩 

Please reply to our Summery Email when you done. 

Say "Hey, Pavel! FINITO!

It will take me up to 5 days to review and send you my comments. 

As soon as all creative assets are in a good shape and review is written, I'll send you an email with confirmation

 The next step is about 💵💵💵 CASH! 

Step #6

Get Cash! 💰 

 I hope you've been using the referral link and the code to make big bucks. 

The first payment will be received after the content is accepted. Then,every second Friday you can expect $$$ from us according to the agreement. 

Step #7


Oh, what a fantastic work we’ve done! 😇 

I’m proud of us 🙃 

Drinking coffee and wine will affect your teeth overtime,so it’s nice to refresh the result ones a weeks

We gotcha back 😎 

Maintenance is incredibly easy! 

Use your Refill kits ones a week as a morning routine. Take selfies and post them to your feed or stories to reengage your followers. Now when they love the product, see you use it on the weekly basis, it’s no-brainer to offer a subscribe. Your folks will enjoy attractive smile and you will make extra money on the on-going basis.

 Become our 

 Brand Ambassador 

Check your progress 

by login here.

Check your progress 

by login here.


Feel free to ask any